Dialogues at the AVAF

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency has launched a new virtual space, Dialogues at AVAF, where we will share interviews with people related to the fight against fraud and corruption, the promotion of public ethics or the protection of whistleblowers.

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Dialogues at Avaf with Víctor Lapuente

The Agency's director of training and prevention, Víctor Almonacid, spoke with Víctor Lapuente, Doctor in Political Science from the University ...
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Dialogues at Avaf with Borja Colón

On this occasion, Irene Bravo, head of the Agency's prevention service, spoke with Borja Colón, head of the administration and ...
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Dialogues at Avaf with Ernesto Ekaizer

Webinar organized by the Valencian Antifraud Agency for the "Dialogues" space.On this occasion the guest is the Argentine journalist and ...
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Dialogues at Avaf with Pilar Batet

The Head of the Institutional Relations, Communication and Participation Unit of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Amalia López Acera, interviews Pilar ...
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Dialogues at Avaf with Joaquim Bosch

AVAF Dialogues on this occasion has Magistrate Joaquim Bosch as a guest, who spoke with the director of the Agency, ...
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