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Law 2/2023 regulating the protection of persons who report on regulatory and anti-corruption infringements under review: is it really at the forefront in Europe?

Introduction On 20 February 2023, Law 2/2023 on the protection of persons reporting on regulatory and anti-corruption infringements was adopted, ...
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36 questions and answers about Law 2/2023

BASIC QUESTIONS ABOUT THE LAW What is the objective of Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating the protection of people who ...
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The EPAC/EACN. An approach to these organizations and the importance of the participation in them of the AVAF

EPAC (European  Partners against Corruption) and EACN (European contact-point network against corruption) are two independent forums for anti-corruption and police ...
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Urban planning and the risk of corruption

Under the slogan "Urban planning and the risk of corruption" the Agency for the Prevention and Fight against Fraud and ...
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Embezzlement reform will give carte blanche to impunity

On December 9, 2022, the beginning  of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the UN Convention against Corruption was ...
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