Proceedings are initiated ex officio when the Agency is aware of facts or behaviors that require investigation or that advise monitoring.

The initiation of ex officio actions will take place, either on the Agency’s own initiative, or as a result of a request from Les Corts or other public bodies or institutions, or by complaint.

Anyone can contact the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency to report conduct that may be subject to investigation. In this case, receipt of the letter received will be acknowledged.

The Agency and the bodies and institutions with functions of control, supervision and protectorate of the entities, included in the scope of their action, may establish collaboration agreements for the communication of data and relevant information within the scope of their powers.

Authorities, public employees and all those who carry out public functions or carry out work in public entities and bodies must immediately communicate, as soon as they become aware of them, the facts that may be subject to investigation by the Agency.

The initiation of actions of the Agency will occur when the existence of reasonable indications of veracity of the facts or behaviors that have been the object of the complaint or petition has been verified.

The resolution of the head of the Agency’s address regarding the initiation of the investigation procedure or the filing of the complaint will be made within thirty business days from its presentation; although, the rectification of the complaint or request, or the extension of the data initially provided, will open a new term.

The Agency’s investigation procedure may not exceed six months after the initiation resolution was adopted, and this period may be extended, a maximum of six more months, in a motivated manner when the circumstances or the complexity of the case so advise.