Conclusion of the proceedings

Once the investigation procedure has been carried out, the person holding the Agency’s address may:

  • Issue reasoned reports on the conclusions of the investigations, which will be transferred to the corresponding body. Said body, within the period indicated in the report, must notify the Agency of the measures adopted or, where appropriate, the reasons that prevent it from acting in accordance with the recommendations made.
  • Make recommendations or requirements, suggesting the modification, cancellation or incorporation of criteria in order to avoid dysfunctions or improve certain administrative practices, in the cases and risk areas of detected irregular behaviors.
  • Declare the file of the proceedings, communicating it to the complainant.
  • Initiate a sanctioning procedure, in accordance with the provisions of the Law creating the Agency.
  • Urge the competent body to open the corresponding disciplinary or sanctioning procedure.
  • Immediately transfer the actions to the Public Prosecutor or the judicial authority in the event of indications of conduct or events presumably constituting a crime.
  • Refer to the jurisdiction of the Court of Accounts in case of possible accounting liability.
  • Present the corresponding report to the parliamentary commission, if the social relevance or the importance of the events that have motivated the Agency’s actions require it.