Training Activities and Public Ethics




Tuesday, December 5, 2023 – 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.

Inaugural seminar of the Research Network on Culture of Legality and the Fight Against Corruption – [Red CLLC³] “New horizons in the fight against corruption”

Pilar Moreno García, AVAF training technician, presents the presentation “Gender, corruption and the route to integrity” at the seminar.

〉 Location: Carlos III University of Madrid, Puerta de Toledo Campus

〉 Target audience: Public employees and university researchers interested in the subject.

〉 Hybrid mode: Connection available in the following link


Tuesday, December 12, 2023 – 09:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Docuforum AVAF “Harmful organism corruption” with students of the Audiovisual Communication Degree of the Universitat Jaume I

〉 Aimed at: Second-year students of the subject “Ethics of audiovisual communication” at the Jaume I University of Castellón

〉 Face-to-face modality

〉 Speakers: Anselm Bodoque, head of the AVAF Training Service, will participate as a representative of the Agency

If you wish to receive specialized training in matters of integrity and prevention of corruption, do not hesitate to write to


Friday, December 15, 2023 – 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Conference “Communicating open government: Transparency and integrity of local entities” at the Jaume I University of Castelló

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency participates in this conference where the degree of compliance in terms of transparency and integrity of the local entities of the Valencian Community will be analyzed and recommendations will be made on the matter.

  • Joan Llinares, director of the AVAF, will give the main presentation “The integrity system of the entities of the Valencian Community”
  • Anselm Bodoque, head of the AVAF Training Service, and Pilar Moreno García, AVAF training technician, will participate in the round table on transparency and integrity in local entities.

〉Place: Assembly hall of the Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences of the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló
〉 Recipients: Public employees of local entities, councils, university students and university researchers interested in the subject.


〉Hybrid mode: Live broadcast through the UJI You Tube channel.

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency participates in the selective course for entry-level secretaries, auditors and treasurers (internal promotion) at the INAP

#AVAFTraining Madrid. – November 17, 2023 “Key transformations in local administrations” was the round table in which the AVAF had …
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The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency present in the 2023 reception course for elected officials of the Provincial Council of Valencia

#AVAFTraining Valencia. – November 15, 2023 Once the legislature has begun in the municipalities of the Valencian Community, the Valencian …
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In the 2023-24 academic year, the #DocofòrumAVAF returns to the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia

#TrainingAVAF The #DocufòrumAVAF learning experience, created by the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency for the debate on corruption in the classrooms of …
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#DocuforumAVAF present for the first time in the Economics degree at the University of Valencia

#AVAFTraining Valencia. – November 9, 2023. The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, with the training activity “Docuforum AVAF: Corruption: harmful organism”, carries …
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The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency presents its mechanisms to strengthen integrity at the X NovaGob 2023 Congress in Madrid

#TrainingAVAF Madrid.- November 7, 2023. Pilar Moreno García, AVAF training technician, participated as a speaker at the 10th Ibero-American Public …
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The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency begins its first course in strategies to fight corruption, for public integrity and the protection of informants

#AVAFTraining Valencia. – November 7, 2023 The first two editions of the AVAF course “Laws and strategies to combat corruption, …
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The AVAF participates in the Cáceres Provincial Council in the INAP decentralized course on the impact of Law 2/2023 on small and medium-sized local entities

#AVAFTraining Caceres. – November 6, 2023 The work and experience of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency has been present in the …
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The AVAF participates in the International Congress of land use to make a city of the UV

#AVAFPrevention Valencia.- November 3, 2023 The abuse of urban planning as a source of local financing in terms of public …
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The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency collaborates with the Castellón Provincial Council in the training of future people responsible for the internal information system

#AVAFTraining Castelló de la Plana.- October 31, 2023. The management of the internal information system was the central axis of …
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The AVAF presents its work to the staff of the Regional Employment and Training Service of the Region of Murcia

#AVAFTraining Murcia. – October 26, 2023 The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency has given a session in the course “Public Ethics: current …
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December 9, International Day against Corruption

The Valencian Antifraud Agency organizes a Conference on the recently published European Directive on December 9; the day the United Nations celebrates the International Day Against Corruption under the slogan “United against corruption for development, peace and security”. The Conference, in the afternoon session, will take place in …

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Conference «Strategies for integrity in the public function»

On October 4, 2018, the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, in collaboration with the IVAP, carried out its first activity open to all public employees, which was attended by an immense public from different administrations. The Conference was dedicated to “Strategies for integrity in public management.” After the inauguration of the Conference …

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Francisco Cardona  international expert in anti-corruption policies

On the occasion of the start of the 208/2019 academic year, the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency held a training session on “The Anti-Fraud Agency and its consolidation” on September 24. The introduction was given by the director of the Agency, Mr. Joan Llinares. The conference was held by Mr. Francisco Cardona, an international expert in design …

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Conference: «Strategies for  integrity in public management»

Today the Valencian Antifrau Agency has started the first training activity for public servants, by holding a Conference on “Strategies for integrity in public management”, within the second call of the 2018 Training Plan of the Valencian Institute of Administration Public The activities have been carried out in …

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Conference «Strategies for integrity in public management»

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency together with the Valencian Institute of Public Administration (IVAP) organize the Conference “Strategies for integrity in public management”. Valencia October 4, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will take place in the main hall of the IVAP headquarters, Palau de la Pineda, Plaza de Carmen, …

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