Institutional Relations

The Sindicactura de Comptes and the Agéncia de Prevenció i Lluita contra el Frau i la Corrupció sign a collaboration protocol to improve the achievement of their common goals

Valencia, April 27, 2020.- The Catalan Ombudsman, Vicent Cucarella, and the director of the Valencian Antifrau Agency, Joan Antoni Llinares, have signed a functional collaboration protocol to improve compliance with the objectives of common interest of both institutions. Thus, within the regulatory framework of application, they may act jointly in ...

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Tercer encuentro agencias y oficianas antifraude

III Meeting of the Network of Anti-Corruption Offices and Agencies of Spain

The third meeting of anti-corruption agencies of the Spanish state has taken place at the headquarters of the Municipal Office against Fraud and Corruption of the Madrid City Council. It has brought together the heads of the regional and local institutions: Carlos Granados, director of the Municipal Office against Fraud and Corruption of ...

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The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency joins the EPAC-EACN as a member

More than 100 delegates representing 30 member countries attended the EPAC / EACN's 18th Annual Professional Conference and General Assembly, which was organized by the Austrian Federal Office for the Fight against Corruption (BAK) and which took place from 22 to 24 October 2018 in Rust, Austria.…

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Agreement with the Anti-Corruption Office of the Balearic Islands

On June 29, on the occasion of the first constitutive meeting of the Network of Anti-Fraud Agencies, the directors of the Agency for Prevention and Fight against Fraud and Corruption of the Valencian Community and the Office for Prevention and Fight against Fraud and the Corruption of the Balearic Islands, signed ...

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