• The monitoring and all communication with the investigator assigned to each case will be carried out exclusively within the application.
  • Once the communication has been submitted and admitted for processing, the verisimilitude of the facts will be analyzed in a period not exceeding thirty business days. If this analysis so advises, an investigation procedure will be initiated which, except in particularly complex cases, cannot be extended beyond six months.
  • The verification of the facts will be carried out by carrying out investigative tasks and, if appropriate, recommendations for improvement in public management will be formulated; It will be proposed to the competent body to initiate administrative proceedings to restore the altered legality and the adoption of disciplinary measures or those conducts that may constitute a criminal offense will be reported to the Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Throughout the process, mechanisms will be adopted to guarantee both the integrity of the people who provide information, as well as that of those who are affected by the events or situations to which it refers.