Mailbox Goals

Facilitate the presentation of complaints.

Guarantee the confidentiality of the complainant.

Serve as a tool so that several of the main functions of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency can be fulfilled:

  • The investigation of possible cases of irregular use or use of public funds and of conduct contrary to integrity or contrary to the principles of objectivity, effectiveness and full submission to the law and the law.
  • The alert in relation to behaviors of the personnel at the service of public entities that involve the use or abuse for private benefit of information that they have by reason of their functions or that have or may result in the irregular use or destination of public funds or of any other use contrary to the legal system.
  • The investigation of the acts or omissions that could constitute an administrative, disciplinary or criminal offense and, depending on the results of the investigation, urge the initiation of the corresponding procedures to purge the responsibilities that may correspond.