Unisocietat Paterna debate on transparency, accountability and good governance in Covid-19

Unisocietat Conference in Paterna, November 18, 2021

The Valencian Antifraud Agency participated in the Unisocietat training activity of the University of Valencia organized in Paterna to discuss transparency, accountability and good governance in COVID-19.

The activity was carried out within the framework of the collaboration agreement between the Agency and the University of Valencia and aims to raise social awareness of collective ethics and the prevention of fraud and corruption in all areas of public life throughout the Valencian territory. .

The conference was attended by 15 people, and generated a debate on public information and the right of access, the limit of fundamental rights during the first months of the pandemic, and emergency contracting. And how decisions to streamline procedures posed a risk for corruption.

The conference was led by the professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Valencia, Lorenzo Cotino Hueso, who analyzed the first decisions in times of a pandemic from fundamental and constitutional rights. It addressed the right of access to public information and how it influences the collective trust and ties of society.

The Agency representative, Marita Oliver, focused attention on the Agency’s actions in preventing fraud and corruption.

In the debate, emphasis was placed on requests for public information and the right of access, on building citizen and institutional trust, and on the role of transparency councils.

The Valencia City Council is the first Valencian public institution that will connect its website to the complaints box of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency

València, november 19, 2021.- The Valencia City Council, represented by the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Transparency and Open Government, Elisa Valía and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, with representation of its director, Joan Llinares, have signed a collaboration agreement whereby both institutions undertake to work in different areas of prevention and the fight against corruption.

One of the most outstanding aspects of the agreement is that in order to comply with one of the requirements derived from the European Directive 2019/1937 regarding the protection of people who report infringements of Union Law, the Valencia City Council recognizes As an external channel for complaints, the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency’s complaint mailbox and will link from its website to the AVAF mailbox.

The Directive states that all public administrations and public sector entities must enable both external and internal reporting channels. In the case of external channels, this requirement would be met by linking directly from the website of the administration or institution in question to the complaints box of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency.

The Valencia City Council has been the first administration in the entire Valencian Community to comply in this way with the requirement of the European Directive that requires setting up external complaint mailboxes. With regard to internal channels, AVAF will collaborate with the City Council for their implementation.

The agreement also includes other actions such as the assistance of the Agency in the implementation of the Integrity Plan of the Valencia City Council, the preparation of generic risk catalogs or collaboration in dissemination and training actions on the need and content of the Plan of Integrity.

For the coordination of all the actions, a Coordination Commission will be set up, which will meet during the third four-month period of each year to evaluate the activities carried out and propose new institutional collaboration actions for the following year.

“In recent years, we have managed to raise the reputational projection of the city and from the Valencia City Council we work to continue articulating mechanisms that help prevent fraud, thinking about the future, so that we never have to live dark years at a reputational level as those we went through not so long ago ”. Elisa Valía, Councilor for Transparency of the City Council, affirmed.

“From the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency we congratulate the Valencia City Council for being the first Valencian public administration that complies with the requirement of having an external complaints box. I also take this opportunity to encourage the rest of the institutions so that with the AVAF and we can help them in complying with the requirements of the European Directive 2019/1937 whose deadline for transposition into the Spanish legal system ends on December 17 ”, said Joan Llinares, director of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency.

“The AVAF has among its functions that of collaborating with public administrations and entities of the Valencian public sector in the prevention and fight against corruption and that of working together to create public ethics and integrity,” added Llinares.

You can consult the agreement at the following link