The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency collaborates in the training of Next Generation Fund managers of the Generalitat Valenciana


Valencia, June 27, 2024. 

“Integrity in public management: conflict of interest management and impact on public sector contracting for Next Generation EU Funds” was the training session organized by the program directorates for the management of European MRR funds of the Department of Justice and Interior, the Department of Education, Universities and Employment, the First Vice Presidency and Department of Culture and Sports and the Department of Innovation, Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency.


On June 20 and 27, 2024, the Ciutat Administrativa 9 d’Octubre of Valencia hosted work sessions aimed at public employees who are part of anti-fraud committees, as well as managers of NextGenerationEU Funds in various departments of the Generalitat Valenciana, as well as LABORA and Turisme GVA.


For the third time, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency collaborate with the purpose of increasing training against the warning signs that may appear in the management of Next Generation funds.

The welcome to the first day was given by Raquel Gálvez, director of European funds programs at the Department of Justice and Interior; Rocio Pont, director of European funds programs of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Commerce and Tourism and Pablo Coret, director of European funds programs of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

Anselm Bodoque, acting director and head of the Training Service of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, gave the introductory presentation of the day with the presentation of the institutional system for fighting corruption and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency.

The promotion of the culture of public integrity in institutions and the analysis of the risks of fraud and corruption in public administration in decision-making was the content of the presentation given by Pilar Moreno, technician of the AVAF Training Service .

Marita Oliver, technician from the Agency’s Training Service, explained in detail the information systems obligations of Law 2/2023 and their difference with the alert channels related to the Next Generation Funds.


In the second training session, held on June 27, 2024, the subject of study focused on contracting in the public sector and conflicts of interest.


The introduction to the day was given by Ivano Magazzu, director of European fund programs at the Department of Education, Universities and Employment; Raquel Gálvez, director of European funds programs of the Department of Justice and Interior and Pablo Coret, director of European funds programs of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Commerce and Tourism.


In her presentation, Pilar Moreno addressed the irregularities detected by the AVAF reporting channel in the execution phase of the contract, the main risks warned in the matter, as well as the existing preventive tools to minimize their impact.


Conflicts of interest, definition, typology and proper management of the same among public employees were the subject of the workshop led by Anselm Bodoque and Pilar Moreno with which the day closed.


The risk that exists due to inadequate management of conflicts of interest in public sector contracting is urgently addressed for the development of the culture of public integrity and of widespread concern among public employees.


The AVAF Training Service thanks the European Fund Program directorates of the organizing departments for their invitation and management in the organization of the workshops. Likewise, he thanks all the participants for the great interest shown and the contributions made, since thanks to them the training activity became an open dialogue for the exchange of experiences and reflections between those attending the conference and the AVAF.


If you wish to have specialized training in public integrity and corruption prevention in your public administration, do not hesitate to write to


The Agency organizes an online workshop on Internal Information Systems for the World Day of the Whistleblower

Valencia, June 20, 2024.- On June 23, the World Day of the Corruption Whistleblower was celebrated and for this reason the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency organized an online workshop on Wednesday, June 19.

The workshop focused on internal information systems and aimed to answer the doubts and questions that their implementation in bodies, institutions and public administrations has entailed.

The workshop was presented by Anselm Bodoque, acting director of the Agency, who gave way to the deputy director and legal affairs of the Agency, Teresa Clemente, who explained what the internal information systems consist of, the register of those responsible for internal information systems managed by the Agency and the assistance offered by the Agency to the bodies and entities that implement this system provided for in Law 2/2023, of 20 February, regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory breaches and the fight against corruption.

The workshop was attended by Delia Cuenca Antolín, deputy director of the General Inspectorate of Services of the Generalitat Valenciana and Carlos Miñana, coordinator of the Legal Area of the IIS La Fe (La Fe Health Research Institute) who explained their experience in the implementation of their internal information systems in their organizations.

Next, answers were given to the numerous questions posed by the people who registered for the workshop. With all the responses received, an article will be prepared and published on the Agency’s blog that will serve as a practical guide for all those in charge of the management of internal information systems.