The University of Salamanca and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency sign a collaboration agreement that includes research stays for doctoral students

Salamanca and València, October 15, 2021.- The University of Salamanca and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency have signed a collaboration agreement thanks to which both institutions different actions such as those provided in the framework of the “GIR-Justice, penal system and criminology”, the “Master’s Degree in Anti-Corruption Strategies and Integrity Policy”, the “Doctorate Program in the Rule of Law and Global Governance” and the “Research Center for Global Governance” of the University of Salamanca.
The agreement has been signed electronically by the Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Studies and Own Teachings of the University of Salamanca, Nicolás Rodríguez-García, and by the Director of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Joan Llinares and includes a broad framework of collaboration between both institutions.
One of the first actions to be carried out within this agreement will be a 4-month research stay for a student from the University of Salamanca as part of the preparation of her doctoral thesis. The operation of the Agency and its experience in the prevention and fight against corruption in the public sector, and especially in the protection of persons reporting corruption, have been the reasons for requesting said stay.
The vice-rector for Postgraduate and Own Teaching, Nicolás Rodríguez highlighted the relevance of this agreement, which highlights the need that “in the design and application of preventive and repressive actions against corruption, institutional cooperation is encouraged, in this case, between a public university and an independent and impartial entity that is entrusted, at the applied level, with the prevention and eradication of fraud and corruption and the promotion of public ethics ”.
On the other hand, the director of the AVAF, Joan Llinares, has indicated that the “Master of the USAL on prevention of corruption has an international recognition, which is why this agreement will allow the Agency to host doctoral candidates who are doing this master ”.
At the signing of the agreement, as well as the Vice Chancellor and the Director of the Agency, the University of Salamanca has been present by the professor in Criminal Law and Director of the Master in Anti-Corruption Strategies and Integrity Policy, Eduardo Fabián and the student Cristina González. The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency was attended by the Director of Legal Affairs, Teresa Clemente, and the Director of Analysis and Research, Gustavo Segura.

The director of the AVAF participates in the second edition of the course” The Law of Transparency: Implementation in the Local Administration “of the Diputación de Alicante.

On October 7, Joan Llinares shared a day of training and reflection together with the public employees participating in the Alicante Provincial Council course, about the importance of transparency in public administrations in the session “The Agency Valenciana Antifraud and the role of personnel at the service of public administrations in the fight against corruption ”.

Prevention and training are the key tools in the fight against corruption and essential functions of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, where it focuses many of its efforts.

The obligation to prepare an anti-fraud plan for entities that manage projects related to the Transformation, Recovery and Resilience Plan, recently published in Order HFP 1030/2021, of September 29, published in the BOE on September 30. of 2021, has been present as a legal novelty to highlight.

EU Directive 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 23, 2019 on the protection of persons who report infringements of Union Law and its transposition into Spanish law, together with the anonymous report, as a source of information that will have to be verified by public employees with investigative functions, have been some of the topics covered in the course.

Whistleblower protection, the importance of planning and conflict of interest regulation are issues that have been present throughout the AVAF director’s conference.

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency already participated in the first edition of this course in June 2021. In this second edition, 17 people have shared training, most of them technical personnel from local entities in the province of Alicante, together with local administration officials with national qualification and technicians from the Diputación itself who provide their services in the field of transparency.

If you are interested in learning about the offer of training activities and the collaboration possibilities offered by the Training Service of the Valencian Antifraude Agency, do not hesitate to send an email to

The University of Valencia projects the “Docuforum, Corruption: harmful organism” in the classrooms at the beginning of the academic year.

A new academic year has started and with it the training activities of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency in the universities of the Valencian Community.

The second docufòrum was made at the University of Valencia, on Friday, October 1, 2021, with the attendance of the students of the Constitutional Law I subject of the Law degree.

Having seen the documentary Corruption: Harmful Organism, the students starred in the training experience with their questions, focused on the origin and causes of corruption, its effect and costs, the perception of corruption in our society and with respect to other countries in our environment, what to do in cases of corruption. In the same debate, he took the opportunity to talk about ethics and integrity, as well as prevention and civic training. And of the functions and work of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, especially the importance of complaints.

The debate generated, with the active participation of the students, insisted on the procedural and technological guarantees to protect the anonymity of the whistleblowers, as well as the necessary integrity and ethics, both individually and collectively.

The debate served, likewise, to explain the regulatory framework, specific functions, scope of competence of the Agency, as well as the forms of collaboration with other similar entities in Spain and the European Union.

The activity has been organized in collaboration with the University of Valencia, which we thank for its interest and willingness to help create a culture of public integrity and rejection of fraud and corruption.

If you are a university, Secondary or Baccalaureate teacher and you are interested in the Docufòrum: Corruption, harmful organism training activity being carried out in your subject, do not hesitate to contact the Training Service of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency