The City Council of Alzira and the Agency sign a protocol to launch the complaint mailboxes and the Integrity Plan

Alzira, January 30, 2023.- The mayor of Alzira, Diego Gómez i García and the director of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Joan Llinares, have signed a collaboration protocol between both institutions that will help promote the Integrity Plan in which the City Council of Alzira is working

Within the general lines of the Integrity Plan, the implementation of both internal and external complaint mailboxes is contemplated, thus complying with the requirement of the European Directive 1937/2019 on the protection of people who report breaches of Union Law, better known as the Whistleblowers Directive.

The City Council of Alzira will enable as an external channel of complaints the complaint box of the Valencia Anti-Fraud Agency which will be visible on the municipal website; A mailbox that guarantees the confidentiality of whistleblowers, as well as allows the possibility of being able to make complaints anonymously.

The collaboration between both institutions will also extend to other actions and activities such as those of a formative nature where the staff of the municipality will receive training in aspects related to the promotion of ethics and public integrity, as well as the prevention and detection of situations constituting fraud and corruption.

Likewise, the Agency will offer advice and support for the preparation of the plan of anti-fraud measures necessary to be eligible for European Next Generation funds  as set out in Ministerial Order 1030/2021 by which the management system of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan is configured.

The mayor of Alzira, Diego García said that “our commitment to transparency in management and the fight against corruption in the administrative files of the city council is reinforced with the signing of this agreement with which we receive the support and help of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency to improve the image of Alzira at the institutional level and as a reference in the Valencian Community in the improvement of the relationship with our citizens.”

For his part, the director of the Agency, Joan Llinares, said that “it is positive to see how every day more municipalities and institutions begin to equip themselves with instruments to fight fraud and corruption and they do so not only with reactive measures such as reporting channels, but also from prevention with training and awareness actions. “

“It is undoubtedly good news that the City Council of Alzira will have complaint boxes, both internal and external, but more important is if possible that it has committed to approve a municipal Integrity Plan,” added Llinares.

The Valencian Housing and Land Entity, ISTEC and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency collaborate on public integrity training


The first of the training actions of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency in this year 2023 has been held with the Valencian Housing and Land Entity (EVHa), a public business entity attached to the Second Vice Presidency and Ministry of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture of the Generalitat Valenciana.

A total of three training days, two in Valencia and one in the city of Alicante, have taken place in collaboration with EVHa due to the interest shown by the entity in public integrity training, after the approval of the anti-fraud measures plan of the institution.

The conferences have been entitled “Public integrity and risks in public management” and in them, the Training service has given all the sessions. The costs of corruption, the importance of the culture of public integrity and the anti-fraud cycle have been analyzed by Anselm Bodoque, head of the Training service, Pilar Moreno and Marita Oliver, AVAF training technicians.

The first of the sessions, on January 12, was inaugurated by the general director of the Valencian Housing and Land Entity, Rafael Eloy Montero Gosalbes, and the director of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Joan Llinares Gómez. The director of the AVAF highlighted the work of the Agency as a collaborative and aid organization with a common objective with the rest of the institutions, to increase the prestige of the public administration.

From the instrumental public sector company of the GVA, ISTEC (Sociedad Infraestructuras y Servicios de Telecomunicaciones y Certificación SAU), a representation of its staff participated in the training session on Friday, January 13, due to their interest in increasing their training in public integrity.

The training session in Alicante took place on January 27, 2023 in the Assembly Hall of the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Alicante with the participation of staff at the service of the Valencian Housing Entity and the land of Alicante. The AVAF personnel posted to provide the specific training were Anselm Bodoque, head of the Training service, and Marita Oliver, a training technician.

The 110 attendees, at the service of the Valencian Housing and Land Entity and ISTEC, actively participated in the three days organized, of 4 hours each, through conferences and a practical workshop on conflict of interest that allowed debate and Reflection on the risk posed by the incorrect management of conflicts of interest.

Training in integrity and the fight against corruption and fraud in the public administration is essential as a prevention mechanism and in building a culture of organizational integrity.

The Agency thanks the Valencian Housing and Land Entity for organizing these training days, as well as the interest shown by ISTEC in participating in training on integrity and risks in public management.

The 5 regional anti-fraud agencies and offices meet in Palma de Mallorca to discuss the impact of the future Whistleblower Law

Mallorca, January 19, 2023.-

On January 18, the heads of the regional anti-fraud and corruption agencies and offices met in Palma de Mallorca to coordinate the actions to be followed on the occasion of the entry into force of the Law that transposes into the Spanish legal system known as the Whistleblower Directive.

This European Directive 1937/2019 of the European Parliament refers to the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law.

In addition to the staff that holds the direction in each of the agencies and offices, they were present at the meeting of the legal services to discuss the impact that the state law that is currently in the Senate after its approval by the Congress of Deputies may have on the respective laws and regulations.

The meeting held at the headquarters of the Balearic Parliament was attended by the Antifrau Office of Catalonia; the Office for the Prevention and Fight against Corruption of the Balearic Islands; the Andalusian Office against Fraud and Corruption; the Office of Good Practices and Anticorruption of Navarra and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency.