The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency delivers its Activity Report for 2022 to the President of the Generalitat

Valencia, April 19, 2023.- The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency has delivered its Activity Report corresponding to the year 2022 to the President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, in a ceremony held at the Palau de la Generalitat.

The director of the Agency, Joan Llinares, has delivered the two volumes of the Report, one in Valencian and one in Spanish. The event was attended by the Deputy Director and Legal Affairs of the Agency, Teresa Clemente; the director of analysis and research, Gustavo Segura; and the head of the administration and human resources area, María José Cervera.

The Report includes the activity carried out by the Agency during 2022 in the area of training, prevention and documentation; the legal area and protection of the complainant; analysis and research; Administration, recruitment and human resources and communication.

On March 28, the Agency’s Activity Report was delivered to the President of les Corts, Enric Morera, thus fulfilling the mandate contained in article 22 of Law 11/2016 on the creation of the Agency.

The Síndics of all the parliamentary groups and the Mesa de les Corts were also present at that event.

Carcaixent City Council and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency celebrate the conference “Integrity, public ethics and fraud prevention in local administration”


Carcaixent.- April 19, 2023

The training of the personnel at the service of the Carcaixent City Council has been the starting point of the collaboration between the corporation and the Agency for the Prevention and Fight against Fraud and Corruption of the Valencian Community (AVAF)

The town of the Ribera Alta region has hosted the first training day held in the province of Valencia, dedicated to promoting ethics and public integrity, as well as the prevention and detection of fraud and corruption risks carried out by the Agency.

The recently approved plan of anti-fraud measures of the city council contemplates training as one of its preventive measures, specifically naming the AVAF as a participating institution in this fraud and corruption prevention tool.

The seminar was presented by Begoña Calvo, a lawyer from the Carcaixent City Council, and was given by the AVAF technical staff who had come to the town.

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, during the four hours of training, in which 40 people (public employees and elected officials) were present, had the opportunity to share the Valencian regulatory and institutional framework in the fight against corruption, as well as the news and obligations entailed by the new state regulations on the protection of whistleblowers of regulatory violations, Law 2/2023.

Marita Oliver, a technician from the Training Service of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, presented the public policies for the prevention of fraud and corruption, as well as the reason for being and functions of the AVAF. In turn, he focused his second intervention of the day on the basic aspects of the cycle of fight against corruption.

The culture of public integrity promoted by the AVAF and the prevention of risks in decision-making in the local administration was the subject addressed by Pilar Moreno, a technician from the Agency’s Training service, making use of gamification tools to give participation to attendees.

The workshop on “Conflict of interest and public integrity” directed by Pilar Moreno, focused the end of the day on the situation that can occur in the public administration. Noting that inadequate management of it can be the prelude to corruption.

The lack of planning has been the risk noticed by the participants that must be taken into account the most in decision-making.

With this new activity, the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency continues to focus on the training of personnel at the service of the Valencian public administrations.

If you wish to have specialized training in integrity and corruption prevention in your public administration, do not hesitate to write to

#DocuforumAVAF is back at High School Joan Fuster de Sueca


Sueca. – April 20, 2023.

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency once again visits the capital of the Ribera Baja, Sueca, and the IES Joan Fuster, thanks to the #DocuforumAVAF activity.

On this occasion, the learning experience has been carried out with the students of the optional subject “Legal and Democratic Culture” in the first year of high school, with the collaboration of Professor Valentina Inglada.

The #DocuforumAVAF activity consists of two parts, in the first one, the students watch in the classroom, together with the teacher, the documentary “Corruption: harmful organism” on Pandora Box TV. In this way, they approach the testimonies of informants of corruption in the public sector and the reprisals they suffered for this reason.

On Thursday, April 20, Pilar Moreno, a training technician, and Jesús Chinchilla, head of the research team, personnel at the service of the AVAF, visited the IES Joan Fuster to share with the students of the 1st year of high school, the objectives and functions of the AVAF and resolve the doubts and questions of those present.

Pilar Moreno explained to the students the Valencian institutional system for promoting integrity and fighting corruption and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, created by “Les Corts” in response to the UN mandate through the United Nations Convention against Corruption of 2003, ratified by Spain in 2006.

For his part, Jesús Chinchilla shared the tool of the AVAF reporting channel, through which it is possible to present information anonymously.

The difficulties in reporting a case of corruption and how to stop it have been some of the questions asked by the students participating in the training activity.

The Valencian Antifraud Agency through #DocuforumAVAF has the opportunity to show in the classrooms of schools, institutes and universities throughout the Valencian Community the work of promoting integrity and public ethics, as well as the protection of informants of corruption of the AVAF.

If you are a university, high school or 4th ESO teacher in the Valencian Community and you are interested in having the training activity “Docuforum: Corruption, harmful organism” carried out in your classroom, do not hesitate to contact the training service of the Valencian Antifraud Agency through