The director of the Agency presents a Management Balance of the 7 years at the head of the Agency to the Consell de Participació

València, 7 May 2024.- The Consell de Participació is the Agency’s participatory body and is made up of civic and social organisations, as well as individuals, who stand out for their fight against fraud and corruption and for the promotion of ethics and public integrity.

This 10th meeting of the Participation Council took place at the Agency’s headquarters and during the session the proposed law amending Law 11/2016, of 28 November, on the AVAF, presented by the Popular Parliamentary Group, was analysed, as well as the proposals for amendments presented by the Agency to the modification of the Law.

Another item on the agenda referred to the Agency’s proposed amendments to the Draft Law amending Law 1/2022, of 13 April, on Transparency and Good Governance of the Valencian Community, and Law 8/2016, of 28 October, on Incompatibilities and conflicts of interest of people with non-elected public positions,  presented by the Popular and Vox parliamentary groups.

Finally, the director of the Agency, Joan Llinares, took the opportunity to present a balance of his management of the 7 years at the helm of the institution since this is the last occasion on which he meets with the members of the Consell de Participació before his upcoming retirement on May 25.

The Consell de Participació is made up of the following organizations: Civic Action Against Corruption; Whistleblower; Valencian Association of Consumers and Users (AVACU); Hay Derecho Foundation; FIBGAR Foundation; Foundation for Justice; Observatori Ciutadà contra la Corrupción (OCC); Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE); Plataforma Ciutadana Castelló per la Justicia i contra la Corrupción (Citizen Platform Castelló for Justice and Against Corruption); Trade Union of Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (GESTHA); Tactical Whistleblowers; Transparency International Spain, the World Compliance Association and the Spanish Society for the Evaluation of Public Policies.



The Attorney General’s Office and the Anti-Fraud Agencies of Andalusia, Catalonia and the Valencian Community hold a follow-up meeting on the agreement signed to strengthen the fight against corruption

València, 2 May 2024.- The Deputy Prosecutor of the Technical Secretariat, Diego Villafañe, and the prosecutor of that unit, Jordi Casas, met with the directors of the Anti-Fraud Agencies and Offices of the Autonomous Communities of Andalusia, Ricardo Puyol; Catalonia, Miguel Ángel Gimeno, and Valencia, Joan Antoni Llinares.

This meeting is a continuation of the collaboration agreement that these institutions signed with the Attorney General’s Office in June 2023 and which aims to strengthen the fight against corruption as well as promote coordination in the field of training.

As stated in the agreement, proceedings on facts examined by agencies or offices that may be related to the investigations of the Public Prosecutor’s Office may be interrupted in order to make available to the latter the information at their disposal, in addition to providing the necessary assistance.

Likewise, without prejudice to the functions attributed to the Court of Auditors and the bodies with administrative-sanctioning powers, when, as a result of its investigations, the Public Prosecutor’s Office obtains evidence of the commission of acts that could constitute an administrative offence, it will transmit them to the Anti-Fraud Agencies, and will make available to them the necessary documentation for their action. Cases in which the secret processing of the proceedings is necessary so as not to prejudice the investigation are excluded. 

The agreement establishes that if, on the occasion of its intervention in a judicial proceeding to which it is a party, the Public Prosecutor’s Office concludes that the facts incur in administrative irregularities, in addition to taking a procedural position by urging what is appropriate, it will request the judicial body to send testimony of sufficient background information to the Anti-Fraud agencies.  who will report the result of their actions to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. All this with the exception of cases in which the secret processing of the proceedings is necessary. 


The Anti-Fraud Agencies shall support the Public Prosecutor’s Office by means of opinions, reports or other technical actions as necessary. In addition, the Attorney General’s Office and the Anti-Fraud Agencies will organize training activities aimed at the staff of the signatory institutions and will collaborate in the protection of whistleblowers, witnesses and experts in accordance with the current legal framework.

Dialogue on the importance of ethics and codes of conduct at the European University of Valencia


Valencia. – April 26, 2024

The Training Service of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency has given a day on the importance of ethics and codes of conduct in the classrooms of the first year of the Criminology degree at the European University of Valencia.

The debate on the relevance of ethical and behavioral principles between professionals such as criminologists and public employees has focused the session led by Anselm Bodoque, head of the Training Service and Pilar Moreno, AVAF technician at the UEV.

The more than 40 UEV students have actively participated with their reflections and contributions on the importance of professional ethics, codes of conduct as relevant tools and the proper management of conflicts of interest.

The presence of the AVAF at the European University of Valencia has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Professor Cristina Fernández, university professor of the subject of criminology ethics, Susana Berrocal and Lupe Bohórques.

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency once again demonstrates its commitment to the education of the leaders of tomorrow who are present today in the university classrooms of the Valencian Community.

If you are a university, high school or 4th year ESO teacher in the Valencian Community and are interested in having the #DocuforumAVAF training activity carried out in your classroom, do not hesitate to contact the Training Service of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency through