The #DocufòrumAVAF again in the classrooms of the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia


The activities of the Valencian Antifraud Agency in the universities of the Valencian Community are being more and more often. In the 2022-2023 academic year, the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia has included the university Docufòrum activity in collaboration with the AVAF in the Center Innovation Project (PIC).

The #DocufòrumAVAF is an activity aimed at promoting the social culture of civic ethics, public integrity, fraud prevention and rejection of corruption among students of all University degrees.

On this occasion, a #DocufòrumAVAF was held at the Faculty of Law, on Thursday, November 17, 2022, with the participation of 53 students from the Administrative Law II subject of the Law Degree, with the collaboration of the professor Reyes Marzal. Anselm Bodoque was responsible for the AVAF for energizing the session with the students.

After watching the documentaries «Corruption: Harmful organism» and «Conflicts of interest and public integrity», the students ask questions, focused on the origin and causes of corruption, its effect and costs, the perception of corruption in our society and with respect to other countries around us, what to do in cases of corruption.

Subsequently, the AVAF representative discusses with the students the issues raised in their questions and others also referred to on public ethics and integrity, as well as on prevention and civic training policies or on the functions and work carried out by the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency.

The students especially insisted on the consequences of corruption in the institutions and in our society, the non-existence of a State Agency, the crimes of corruption. On the other hand, they delved into the different types of conflicts of interest, and how to proceed before them so that neither irregularities nor crimes occur.

The activity has been organized in collaboration with the University of Valencia, which we thank for its interest and willingness to help create a culture of public integrity and rejection of fraud and corruption.

If you are a University, Secondary or Baccalaureate teacher and you are interested in having the training activity “Docufòrum: Corruption, harmful organism” carried out in your subject, do not hesitate to contact the Training Service of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency through from

The Agency participates in Castellón in a conference organized by the Observatory against Corruption and the Castelló per la Justicia Platform

Castellón, November 16, 2022. The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency participated in the Conference on “New tools and new challenges in the fight against corruption: panoramic from the Valencian Country”.

The conference was organized by the Platform Castelló per la Justicia i Contra la Corrupció and the Observatori Ciutadà contra la Corrupció and the collaboration of the Conselleria de Participació de la Generalitat Valenciana and the Valencian Antifraud Agency.

Both the Castelló Platform and the Observatori Ciutadà are entities that are part of the Agency’s Participation Council, a body that aims to facilitate citizen participation in the fight against fraud and corruption.

The conference held in the Assembly Hall of the Provincial Council of Castellón was attended by Dolors Ibañez, president of the Castellón Platform; Rafael Mauri, vice president of the Observatori; Jorge Correcher, professor of Criminal Law at the University of Valencia and Joan Llinares, director of the Agency who presented the new legal framework for the protection of whistleblowers.

The Agency participates in Colombia in the IX National Congress of Comptrollers

Cali, November 16, 2022 .- The Director of Analysis and Research of the Agency, Gustavo Segura, participated in the IX National Congress of Controllers held in Cali (Colombia) on November 16 and 17.

This congress allowed an exchange of good practices and experiences between different agencies responsible for fiscal control, as well as the fight against fraud and corruption.

Throughout the different tables and presentations, different proposals from experts were announced on the strategies  that can be undertaken to strengthen citizen participation,  as well as existing  digital systems so that complaints can be made with full guarantee for people who report corruption.  

Among the speakers at the congress were Sandra Morelli Rico, former Comptroller of the Republic of Colombia or Rafael Lafont Piandeta, former magistrate of the Council of State of Colombia.

On behalf of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, the Director of Analysis and  Investigation, Gustavo Segura,  participated, who presented the work  being developed by the Agency and its main lines of work both in investigation as well as in training and prevention.

He also showed how the Agency’s complaints mailbox works as well as the Statute for the Protection of the Person Reporting Corruption since it was the first body in Spain to  have a protection system of these characteristics to protect whistleblowers.