The debate on corruption in high school classrooms at the hands of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency.


The docuforum “Corruption: harmful organism” has returned to the classrooms of the “Nuestra Señora de la Salud – Maristas” school in Algemesí.

The interest and collaboration of the high school teachers led to the celebration of the learning experience where the 1st year high school students were the protagonists last Monday, January 31.

After viewing the documentary, the students expressed their interest in knowing in more detail the protection provided to whistleblowers of corruption by the Agency, as well as the microeconomic effects that corruption produces in our society.

The questions and doubts of the students were the focus of the second session of the training activity, led by technical staff from the AVAF Training Service. The information that students want to know in more detail becomes the roadmap for the classroom debate on the prevention of corruption and fraud. On this occasion, the facilitator of the second session was Pilar Moreno, the Agency’s training technician.

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency has taken the step of bringing the institution, its objectives and functions closer to ESO and Baccalaureate classes and providing young people with information on the fight against corruption, integrity and transparency.

If you are a university, secondary or high school teacher and you are interested in having the training activity “Docuforum: Corruption, harmful organism” carried out in the subject you teach, do not hesitate to contact the Training Service of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency at through

Dialogues at Avaf with Víctor Almonacid

The Head of the Institutional Relations, Communication and Participation Unit of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Amalia López Acera, interviews Víctor Almonacid, secretary of the Alzira City Council, to talk about:
– Micro-corruption
– Electronic administration as a tool to prevent corruption
– Anti-fraud plans
– Ethics and public integrity

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The Valencian Antifraud Agency organizes training actions in schools and institutes of the Valencian Community

València, January 26, 2022.- The “Nuestra Señora de la Salud-Maristas” school in Algemesí has ​​been the first school to hold a training action together with the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency since until now the activities had been held only with students academic.
Aware of the importance of training for the prevention of fraud and corruption, as well as for the creation of public ethics and integrity, the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency has extended these activities to secondary and high school educational levels.
The Marist College of Algemesí has ​​been the first to host this docu-forum activity that has consisted of 2 sessions given in the tutoring subject. In the first session, the students watched the documentary “Corruption: Harmful Organism” which caused a great impact and interest.
In the second session that complements the learning experience, a debate takes place in the classroom together with AVAF technical staff around the questions and suggestions made by the students.
The protection of people who report corruption, the regulation of institutional gifts, as well as the need for greater transparency have been some of the issues that have generated the most debate.
This is the first docuforum action that the AVAF celebrates in schools and institutes and more training actions are already scheduled in various educational centers that have shown interest in offering this training.
Whether you are a university, secondary or high school teacher and you are interested in this activity, you can contact the training service of the Valencian Antifraud Agency at the following email: