The AVAF debates at the Jaume I University of Castelló the documentary Corruption: harmful organism


Last November the docuforum “Corruption: harmful organism” was held in the UJI’s European Union Law classrooms.

The viewing of the documentary, in a first session, generated a large number of questions and doubts about the alerts and risks of corruption that occur in public administrations and the protection of whistleblowers.

The Valencian Antifraud Agency is the only institution that has, among its functions, the protection and assistance to the whistleblowers. Currently there are 26 people who hold this condition in the AVAF.

The debate in the classroom, on November 11, was attended by a representative of the Agency, and was stimulated with digital tools for participation. This focused on answering questions from the students, giving all the prominence to their concerns, debates and doubts.

The Valencian Antifraud Agency, its antecedents and functions, among which is the analysis and investigation of the alerts that are received in the complaints channel, as well as the prevention and ethical awareness mechanisms, attracted the attention of 2nd year Law students. of the UJI.

A total of 32 students participated in person in this learning experience, where they were able to share the different perceptions they had of public administration, society and the institutional system; being aware, in addition, that young people and the whole of society can and should be agents of the fight against corruption to become active, conscious and free citizens.

The training activity has been coordinated by Professor Jaime Clemente and the training technician of the Training Service of the Prevention, Training and Documentation Area of ​​the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Pilar Moreno García, with a two-day format, to provide a greater relevance of the debate around the interests of students in the fight against fraud and corruption.

If you are a university or high school teacher in the Valencian Community and you are interested in having the training activity “Docuforum: Corruption, harmful organism” take place in your classroom, do not hesitate to contact the training service of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency at through

Chronicle of the activity on the UJI website:

Unisocietat L’Eliana debates on fake news, Covid-19 and corruption

Unisocietat Conference in L’Eliana, November 9, 2021

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency participated in the Unisocietat training activity of the University of Valencia organized in L’Eliana to discuss fake news, COVID-19 and corruption from the perspective of fundamental rights and democratic quality.

The activity was carried out within the framework of the collaboration agreement between the Agency and the University of Valencia and aims to raise social awareness of collective ethics and the prevention of fraud and corruption in all areas of public life throughout the Valencian territory .

The conference was attended by 21 people, and generated an intense debate on the influence of lies, the limits of freedom of expression and the way to combat false information that generates collective damage without diminishing fundamental rights.

The conference was led by the professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Valencia, Rosario Serra Cristóbal, who analyzed the influence that lies can have on shaping public opinion, as well as the consequences they have for citizens. He examined the limits that malicious fake news can have and how it affects, such as corruption, collective trust and societal ties.

The representative of the Agency, Anselm Bodoque, focused attention on the fact that corruption is always linked to false information, lies, manipulation and social discourses that make it difficult to adequately prevent and fight, in social terms, against corrupt practices.

In the debate generated, emphasis was placed on the need for preventive initiatives, in the defense of plural and various information systems, in the construction of forms of citizen and institutional trust, and in the fact that false information or misinformation constitute risks of corruption.

Meeting with the University of Alicante

Meeting in Alicante of the director of the Valencian Antifraud Agency, Joan Llinares, with Amparo Navarro, Rector of the University of Alicante and technical staff of both institutions to coordinate the actions that will be included in the new collaboration agreement between both institutions.