The Valencia Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency will collaborate to help city councils develop their anti-fraud plans

The president of the Valencian Federation of Provincial Municipalities, Rubén Alfaro, and the director of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Joan Llinares, have held a meeting to establish ways of collaboration to help city councils to develop their anti-fraud plans.

The FVMP will inform all Valencian municipalities of the need to have an active anti-fraud plan of measures as of January 1, 2022 and different meetings will be held with municipalities and councils for the implementation of said tool by the consistories.

The president of the FVMP, Rubén Alfaro, has indicated that “it is about the landing in our consistories of a tool that will ensure the proper use of funds from Europe. Another step towards integrity, transparency and good governance in all public policies ”. In addition, he added that “from the FVMP we will put all the tools that are within our reach to facilitate this work for our municipalities”.

As published in the BOE last October, through Order 1030/2021 of the Ministry of Finance, “every entity, decision-maker or executor, that participates in the execution of the Recovery and Transformation Plan measures must have a Plan anti-fraud measures ”.

Any administration or even private intermediaries must establish risk maps, declarations of absence of conflict of interest, ethical codes, complaint mailboxes, alert systems, training courses for their managers or gift and confidentiality policies.

“The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency wants to help municipalities and provinces in the preparation of public integrity plans that have become a requirement after the approval of the Order of the Ministry of Finance 1030/2021 as a requirement to access funds Next Generation. To this end, the Agency has prepared the Guide “Public integrity plan: roadmap and facilitating annexes” which we have delivered this morning to the President of the FVMP “, declared Joan Llinares

The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency and the Valencia Provincial Council united by the «New challenges of Public Sector Contracting: ODS and Next Generation Funds»


The AVAF has participated in the course “New challenges in Public Sector Contracting: ODS and Next Generation Funds” organized by the Valencia Provincial Council, and coordinated by Ylenia Diaz, general secretary of the Riba-roja del Turia city council and Cristina González Gabarda of the Valencia Provincial Council.

The reporting channels as an instrument for the achievement of solid institutions of SDG 16 has been the title of the conference given by the Agency within the framework of the DIVAL course.

The SDG 16 of the 2030 Agenda, focused on the promotion of just, peaceful and inclusive societies has been the guide of the course. “Significantly reduce corruption and bribery in all its forms” (SDG 16.5) and “Create effective and transparent accountable institutions at all levels” (SDG 16.6) have been present in the development of the learning experience.

The director of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Joan Llinares, shared with the students the background of the AVAF, the functions attributed by Law 11/20216 to create the Agency (prevention, training, documentation, protection of whistleblowers, analysis and investigation ) as well as the alerts received in the complaints channel regarding public procurement.

The Order of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function HFP / 1030/2021, of September 29, which configures the management system of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. He introduced the obligation to develop and approve anti-fraud plans for all those organizations that were to manage funds. Next Generation was also present throughout his speech.

As a result of the impulse given by this Order to the need to have tools that allow recognizing risks, Joan Llinares presented the AVAF Guide: The Public Integrity Plan: Roadmap and Facilitating Annexes. that will allow the development of an institutional integrity system in public organizations.

As detailed in the aforementioned guide, “It is not enough to approve a public integrity plan and publish it. With that, the entity will have put on the number, but, to start the race, it will have to become aware of the importance of said plan and put it into practice at all levels of its organization, as part of a process that implies dedication, continuous improvement efforts and actions, but which will undoubtedly be very positive for elected officials, public managers, public employees and for the general public. “

The complaint channels, one of the manifestations of the institutional integrity system, has focused the presentation of Gustavo Segura, director of analysis and investigation of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency.

The public employees selected by the Valencia Provincial Council have had the opportunity to approach the complaint channel tool that the Agency has and that can be used as an external complaint channel that all public entities must have at their disposal. as of December 18, 2021.

To learn more about the complaints channel of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, you can access the webinar held a few months ago, available on the AVAF You Tube channel.