The most transparent municipalities and councils of the Valencian Community collect the Infoparticipa 2020 stamps at the CEU UCH

The presentation of the Infoparticipa 2020 stamps to the most transparent municipalities and councils of the Valencian Community was held in the Paraninfo of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University (CEU UCH). An accreditation granted by the CEU UCH Observatory of Governance, Transparency and CSR, together with the ComSET Research Group (Sound, Strategic Communication and Transparency) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In this third edition of the study, which assesses the transparency of municipal websites based on 52 indicators, only 7 of the 542 municipalities analyzed, together with the Provincial Councils of Valencia and Alicante, have achieved the 75% compliance necessary to achieve accreditation , in accordance with the Infoparticipa Map methodology, where the results of the Valencian Community are integrated.

Provincial Councils and Councils awarded

On behalf of the awarded Provincial Councils, Vicente Boquera, Secretary General of the Valencia Provincial Council and Antoni Canet Martínez, Head of the Transparency Service, BOP and printing company of the Alicante Provincial Council, have received the Infoparticipa 2020 Stamps from the rector of the CEU UCH, Vicente Navarro de Luján. The Valencia Provincial Council complies with 46 indicators (93.8%) and that of Alicante with 45 of the 52 indicators (91.8%) analyzed in the study by the CEU UCH Transparency Observatory.

Regarding the municipalities, Onda, with 51 indicators, is the Valencian Community council with the highest percentage of compliance (98%). Its councilor for Youth, Innovation and Libraries, Vicente Bou, has collected the Infoparticipa seal. The websites of the municipalities of Elche, Valencia, Gandía and Castellón de la Plana, with 50 indicators, have reached 96% compliance. On behalf of these municipalities, they have collected the Infoparticipa 2020 seal, Purificación Mª Vives, councilor for Senior Policy, Citizen Participation, Transparency and Social Responsibility of the Elche City Council; Pilar de la Torre, Head of the Transparency Section of the Transparency and Open Government Service of the Valencia City Council; Ignasi García, councilor of the Castellón City Council; and, on the part of the Gandia City Council, Gloria Sanmiguel, head of the Modernization Area and Data Protection Delegate, and Mar León, Modernization Technician and Head of Transparency.

Denia, with 47 indicators and 90% compliance, and Rafelbunyol, with 45 indicators and 86% compliance, complete the list of winners today at the CEU UCH. Melania Ivars Rojas, delegate councilor for Equality and Inclusive Policies of the Denia City Council, and Francisco Alberto López, mayor of Rafelbunyol, have collected the Infoparticipa 2020 stamps on behalf of their consistories.

Act of delivery

The Infoparticipa 2020 stamp delivery ceremony, held this morning at the CEU UCH Auditorium, was chaired by the rector of this University, Vicente Navarro de Luján; the president of the Valencia Provincial Council, Toni Gaspar; the regional secretary for Participation and Transparency of the Generalitat Valenciana, Antoni Llorente; the director of the Agència Valenciana Antifrau, Joan Llinares, and the member of the Consell de Transparència of the Generalitat Valenciana, Emilia Bolinches.

During the event, Professor Hugo Aznar, co-director of the CEU UCH Observatory of Governance, Transparency and CSR, presented the results of the 2020 study and the book edited by Tirant Humanidades with the conclusions of the 2019 study, under the title “ Report on local transparency in the Valencian Community (2019) ”. As highlighted, “this year, 92.8% of the municipalities of the Valencia Community fail in transparency. It is necessary to provide funds and means to the councils so that they can achieve the levels of transparency and citizen participation necessary to guarantee truthful and verified information to society ”.


Meeting with the president of CSIF Comunidad Valenciana

The director of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Joan Antoni Llinares, and the director of Legal Affairs, Teresa Clemente, have met with the president of CSIF Comunidad Valenciana, Alicia Torres; and the regional vice-president, Rafael Cantó, at the agency’s headquarters. The meeting was used to analyze and study ways of collaboration in the protection of people reporting corruption in the field of public administrations.

The University of Salamanca and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency sign a collaboration agreement that includes research stays for doctoral students

Salamanca and València, October 15, 2021.- The University of Salamanca and the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency have signed a collaboration agreement thanks to which both institutions different actions such as those provided in the framework of the “GIR-Justice, penal system and criminology”, the “Master’s Degree in Anti-Corruption Strategies and Integrity Policy”, the “Doctorate Program in the Rule of Law and Global Governance” and the “Research Center for Global Governance” of the University of Salamanca.
The agreement has been signed electronically by the Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Studies and Own Teachings of the University of Salamanca, Nicolás Rodríguez-García, and by the Director of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Joan Llinares and includes a broad framework of collaboration between both institutions.
One of the first actions to be carried out within this agreement will be a 4-month research stay for a student from the University of Salamanca as part of the preparation of her doctoral thesis. The operation of the Agency and its experience in the prevention and fight against corruption in the public sector, and especially in the protection of persons reporting corruption, have been the reasons for requesting said stay.
The vice-rector for Postgraduate and Own Teaching, Nicolás Rodríguez highlighted the relevance of this agreement, which highlights the need that “in the design and application of preventive and repressive actions against corruption, institutional cooperation is encouraged, in this case, between a public university and an independent and impartial entity that is entrusted, at the applied level, with the prevention and eradication of fraud and corruption and the promotion of public ethics ”.
On the other hand, the director of the AVAF, Joan Llinares, has indicated that the “Master of the USAL on prevention of corruption has an international recognition, which is why this agreement will allow the Agency to host doctoral candidates who are doing this master ”.
At the signing of the agreement, as well as the Vice Chancellor and the Director of the Agency, the University of Salamanca has been present by the professor in Criminal Law and Director of the Master in Anti-Corruption Strategies and Integrity Policy, Eduardo Fabián and the student Cristina González. The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency was attended by the Director of Legal Affairs, Teresa Clemente, and the Director of Analysis and Research, Gustavo Segura.