In 2021 the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency offered training to more than 1,800 people, 217% more than in 2020

Valencia, April 28, 2022.- The Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency significantly increased the training activities organized during the year 2021 going from the 23 activities carried out during the year 2020 to the 43 carried out in 2021. This is one of the data that emerge from the Activity Report corresponding to the year 2021 presented by the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency a few weeks ago.

The number of people who participated in the training activities organized by the Agency went from 827 in 2020 to more than 1,800 people in 2021, which represents an increase of 217%.

This increase in training activities is a direct consequence, among other reasons, of the different collaboration agreements signed by the Agency with universities and other institutions that have allowed these activities to be carried out.

The central and priority objective of the training activity of the Agency is the training in an ethics and public integrity of the Valencian citizenship and for this the organized activities are mainly aimed at groups such as staff at the service of public administrations, university students and citizens in general.

With regard to the training of those people who work in the different Valencian public institutions, the Agency has participated as a teacher in 5 courses: 2 courses organized by the Diputación de Alicante on the Ley de Transparencia; a course in the Diputación de Valencia on the new challenges of public procurement; a selective tac course of the I nstituto Nacional de Administraciones Públicas (INAP), in addition to tutoring a complete course in this same institution on the prevention of corruption in the public administration.

Regarding the training activities developed in the university environment , we must highlight the 12 docufórum activities organized in the 6 universities of the Valencian Community in which a total of 445 students from different university degrees have participated.

As a result of the collaboration agreement that the Agency has maintained with the University of   Valencia since 2020, it has allowed 12 activities of the Unisocietat program  to  be held in 12 municipalities of the province of Valencia in 2021 in which 379 people have participated.  Within this same collaboration agreement, two specific conferences have been held, one on “Covid-19, rights and responsibilities” and another on “Protection of whistleblowers” held in Llíria and Torrent respectively attended by 233 people.

The training activity of the Agency has been completed with the participation in different congresses and conferences offering talks and conferences to publicize the work carried out by the Agency in the fight against fraud and corruption, the protection of whistleblowers of corruption, the frameworks of public integrity or the conflict of interest among other topics and issues addressed.

This information can be extended in the Agency’s 2021 Activity Report at the following link to the Agency’s website:

Dialogues at Avaf with Ernesto Ekaizer

Webinar organized by the Valencian Antifraud Agency for the “Dialogues” space.
On this occasion the guest is the Argentine journalist and writer Ernesto Ekaizer who, together with the director of the Agency, Joan Llinares, spoke about Ekaizer’s latest book “El rey al desnudo. Historia de un fraude”

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Debate on the prevention and fight against corruption in the classrooms of the Universitat Jaume I


The AVAF maintains its proposal for public debates with future professionals through training actions that reinforce public ethics to reinforce the culture of prevention and fight against any conduct that encourages fraud and corruption.

Thus, on April 27, a new activity was carried out in the university classrooms, this time with the students of the subject Protection of citizens against the Administration, from the second year of the Degree in Management and Public Administration of the Universitat Jaume I Castelló, thanks to the collaboration and participation of Professor Isabel Fabregat.

After seeing the documentary “Corruption: Harmful Organism”, the students who star in the training experience ask questions and propose action, focused on the origin and causes of corruption, its effect and costs, the perception of corruption in our society and with respect to other countries around us, what to do in cases of corruption. Questions that were answered by Marita Oliver, AVAF training technician.

The debate with the students allows them to reflect on the ethical limits and micro-corruption and fraud, which every professional encounters throughout their lives, as well as possible conflicts of interest. On this occasion, in addition, the students showed a special interest in reporting and protecting whistleblowers, given the characteristics of the subject.

The discussion also served to affirm the need to reinforce public ethics and integrity, as well as prevention and civic education, and the rest of the functions of the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency.

Note, finally, that the students insisted on the importance of the media and institutional communication as a factor that modulates the social perception of corruption, as well as the information provided on the different cases.

This activity has been organized in collaboration with the Jaime I University of Castellón, which we thank for its interest and willingness to help create a culture of public integrity and rejection of fraud and corruption.